Our Company Mission

International Customer Care Services Inc. is committed to provide contact center services, utilizing innovative technologies, compliant processes and ethical strategies. We achieve this through our dedication to the continual improvement of our quality management system aimed at satisfying all client requirements.

International Customer Care Services Inc. Philosophy

At ICCS Inc. our philosophy is that your customers are our customers. We offer a completely transparent solution to your customers.

Our internal and external call center philosophy is aimed at:

Resolving your customer’s issues.
Retaining your customer’s good will.
Re-Selling your customers.

We have developed a four-step process that our agents address with each and every call:

1. Identify and understand the reason for the call.
2. Present service or solutions that meet the customers’ expectations.
3. Maintain the customer’s self-esteem at all times.
4. A win back approach through re-selling the customers.

International Customer Care Services Inc. Promise

ICCS Inc.’s promise is to provide our customers with Best In Class service by exceeding your expectations. No task is too big or too small. We strive to be the preferred business partner for our clients and your customers. We support this promise through our commitment to continual improvement and our drive to enhance the customer service experience on every call and contact.

International Customer Care Services Inc. business has been built on the principles of integrity, ethics, and honest day to day service and reporting. At ICCS Inc. our executive team, managers and staff always put you, our customer first.

This is our promise to you.


Tarsempal (Sam) Dhaliwal
President & Founder
International Customer Care Services Inc.