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ICCS Inc. offers call center services to organizations both large and small. We have a proven track record based on performance and results. We provide quick and cost effective solutions delivering to our clients a significant return on investment.

ICCS Inc.’s management philosophy is based on the importance of customer satisfaction and retention. To ensure that we meet this commitment we provide the proper tools and training to our agents, equipping them to outperform our competitors.

ICCS Inc.’s objective will be to optimize call center performance while maintaining, sustaining, and improving customer satisfaction.

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International Customer Care Services Inc. is committed to invest in technology and resources for our client’s success and our ability to continually improve productivity.


International Customer Care Services Inc. observes the highest compliance standards in the industry for its facilities, operations, security, networks and staff.


International Customer Care Services Inc.’s data analytics team works closely with its clients to discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns of data.

Why International Customer Care Services Inc.

why-iccs-imgClients today face an important strategic decision in selecting the best service provider to deliver high-quality and high-performing results, while at the same time protecting the goodwill of their brand.

International Customer Care Services Inc. (“ICCS”) has the experience and expertise to provide contact center solutions that will alleviate the growing cost of managing your Call Center Operations.

By partnering with ICCS Inc. you will realize immediate cost savings and maximum return on investment.

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International Customer Care Services Inc.’s Commitment to Quality

We take pride in our work and strive for excellence to achieve the best possible results. Our number one focus is customer satisfaction and we are continuously improving our services and processes to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

At ICCS Inc. quality is everyone’s Responsibility!

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International Customer Care Services Inc. Security

ICCS Inc. considers information security and privacy to be of the utmost importance. All of our Data, Facilities, and Networks are protected to the highest standards.

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